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Mission statement Lampion

Lampion aims to improve the access to (health) care for undocumented migrants by serving as a platform for knowledge exchange among health care providers. As health care provision to undocumented migrants acts on the interface of both immigration laws and (public) health legislation, it is often a labyrinth for health care professionals, volunteers, institutions and undocumented migrants themselves. Lampion aims facilitate exchange of information and development of joint strategies to improve access to health care for undocumented migrants.

Lampion: a network organisation

Lampion is a formal co-operation between several national organisations. Members of the platform are the National Mental Health Organisation (GGZ Nederland) and the Public Healthcare Organisation (GGD Nederland), the General Practitioners Association (LHV), Dutch Association of People with HIV, the Dutch Council for Refugees, the Tuberculosis Foundation (KNCV), the Union of directors in healthcare (NVZD), The Johannes Wier Foundation, Pharos expertise centre and Doctors of the World (Médicins du Monde).
A few other national organisations are also part of the platform and cooperate on demand.  

As per January 2023, Doctors of the World manages the Lampion secretariat. For more information, please contact